Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Altsman

By January 11, 2016Alumni

RachelName: Rachel Altsman

Corps: Memphis 2009

Current Role: 9th/10th grade English teacher and librarian at the Collegiate School of Memphis

Why do you continue to teach?
I still teach because I fell in love with it. I cannot imagine any job more challenging, entertaining, or rewarding for me.

What is most exciting to you about teaching?
I love getting to discuss literature with students. They have such incredible insights and questions and they bring up things I never thought of before. Those moments when they get really invested in what we’re reading and start arguing with each other about it are the best.

What are you most proud of in your work as a classroom teacher?
I proud of the way I’ve been able to earn my students’ trust. They know I’m here for the long haul and that I care about them both in and out of the classroom. When they agree to try a book because I recommended it or put in the effort to revise an essay because I’ve told them that’s where growth happens, I am reminded that requires an extraordinary amount of trust on their part. I’m honored that they take me at my word.

What keeps you in Memphis?
I never have to be bored in Memphis unless I want to be – there’s always something going on somewhere in the city. I have the opportunity to do a job I love at a school I love with people that I love. And honestly, the low cost of living and the good food don’t hurt 🙂