This is Memphis. We GRIND here.

Grow Together

We recognize we have infinite potential and yet are unfinished; we require growth and learning. We constantly improve and are hungry to learn from others. We are reflective and vulnerable. We believe deeply that we’re stronger together. We actively support our teammates, enjoy the work we do together and show up for one another. We know that learning – and doing this work together as one team – is the path to becoming great for our students and city.

Rooted in Memphis

We get to know and become part of our city, neighborhoods and school communities. We ground everything we do in the unique context of Memphis and we constantly strive to get to know – and work in honor of – the unique history and assets here. We know that we will only be successful if we are a local institution and we live that in daily actions.

Insist on Excellence

In everything we do, we seek excellence. We push ourselves to achieve beyond on our limits, aspire for things that seem impossible and work in partnership to achieve our ambitions for students. We know our students are capable of excellence and so we work alongside of them in this pursuit.

Never Give Up

We commit to our students, city and schools. We deliver on our promises and take a “no matter what” stance on achieving them. We know that our sustained effort over time will yield transformative outcomes for students.

Dream Big

We set our sights high and always believe more is possible. We are infinitely optimistic about what our kids can achieve, what we can achieve and what our community can become. We lead with a solutions orientation as well as a “can do” and “get to” attitude. We know our optimism will spread to others, inspire their efforts and lead to stronger results for the students we love.