Rally for Referrals

By September 2, 2015TFA News


A main priority for Teach for America – Memphis this year is a breakthrough in our ability to have a large, diverse and influential force of corps members and alumni that are committed to working in Memphis. That starts with a revamp of recruiting strategies and creating a local recruitment team that is dedicated to cultivating prospective candidates and ensuring they get the support needed to complete our application and join our 2016 Memphis corps.

This past year we experienced challenges in recruiting for the 2015 corps. While we did recruit a smaller applicant pool, there is still a significant demand for new corps members here in Memphis in a way that outpaces the number of teachers we’re able to bring in right now. So we’re redoubling our efforts for the 2016-2017 school year and, simply put, we need the help of all Memphians to ensure that every child gets an excellent education every day by referring strong candidates to our program.

As the economy shifts and teaching becomes a less popular career path across the country, we’re finding that we need to engage with potential corps members much earlier, and to introduce them to the network and experiences of fellow corps members and alumni early, too. Prospective corps members will be hearing about the experiences that our current corps members and alumni are having and get a chance to better understand potential career choices – why they should join Teach for America – Memphis, and to see many of us in action in classrooms and schools.

Helping each potential Teach for America – Memphis corps member find his or her purpose and passion early makes each person more likely to commit to this effort for life, as educators, policy makers, innovators, business leaders, parents, community members, volunteers and in many other ways. Before prospective corps members find classrooms and see the potential of their future students, they will hear about “why Teach For America – Memphis” to ensure they catalyze their potential to right our country’s greatest injustices.

To find out more about our recruitment efforts locally, or to refer an amazing candidate to Teach for America – Memphis, please visit: http://www.tfamemphis.org/apply/ or email us at memphisrecruitment@teachforamerica.org